Is there such a thing as too many? …….

I counted the other day and I have 12 jumpsuits of various descriptions.  Seems rather a lot, even to me, as they are all ones that I’d only wear ‘of an evening’ so doesn’t include the assorted dungarees and boiler suits that I have sitting in the wardrobe.  I just find a jumpsuit the easy option for going out dressing, only the one thing to put on, cover a load of flesh so don’t even have to de-hair self if pushed for time plus I always find them a really flattering shape.  The usual complaint of it being a pain going to the loo in doesn’t really bother me that much.  I mean, really how hard is that in the scheme of things?

However this is first for me, the same jumpsuit but in different colours.  Black and red and I’ve just spied there is a navy one but even I would draw the line at 3.  These are the Warehouse cold shoulder jumpsuits that have been my favourite buy for ages.  They have quite a heavy, crepey feel to them so hang so well you don’t really even need to iron.  They have pockets, always a bonus, and they are currently £20 in the sale, down from £49.


So this was Jumpsuit No. 1 and I think my favourite.  Even though they are exactly the same size and style I felt the actual fit was better with the black.  I don’t know if it was a question of underwear but with the red I felt that I was always half way to getting a wedgie.  However for me 20 quid is worth a new outfit and I think with the red I’ll wear extra wear from it in the summer, in a more casual way, worn with either flip flops or wedges.


So there we are, finally a sale buy with pretty much 70% off which makes me a happy little shopper.

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