Finally, finally, an outfit update …….

I think my lack of blogs recently is an indication that squash (be it playing or watching) has officially taken over in this house.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions is always to calm it on the squash front but much to my husband’s distain somehow that resolution has gone out of the window with the first week of January.  Having to have my bunions seen to is at the back of my mind.  Apparently the recovery time is the same as having a new knee, eek!  I fear for my mental health after 6 months of no exercise.  So I’m making up for it now, the result being I can hardly walk each morning, my body is broken.

So after that moan, back to clothes.  Sneaky shot of the BBQ rusting away plus me in my double denim topped with my very favourite Richards Radcliffe leather jacket.  Denim shirt is Esprit, M&S dungarees which I got in the sale but the sizing had gone awry as they are size 18.  Boots are the ever faithful Virgin Ash.


I’ve even had unsolicited comments about how much I wear this Gap cardigan.  Made me so paranoid I even washed it for the first time at the weekend, came up a treat.  Worn with Whistles black top, Karen Millen culottes and AGL boots.


Now I’m partial to a bargain but I’m even more fond of a freebie, which this velvet jacket is.  Grannie hand me down.  Initially I faffed around with rolling the sleeves up but actually it looks better just worn as is.  Felt a bit Austin Powers with M&S polo neck, high waisted Ted Baker trousers and boots from John Lewis but I like the brown/black colour combination.


I did a massive Warehouse sale shop which consisted on a number of silver jumpsuits and metallic string tops, all of which have been promptly returned as clearly I’d lost my mind.  This blue striped top is the only thing I kept.  It’s not exactly my usual and in some ways I feel like I”m wearing a straight jacket but I really like it, one of those tops that goes with everything.  Worn with Cos culottes and LK Bennett boots.


Right I promise to be a better blogger, actually post a few blogs once in a while hey!

Thanks for following.



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