Win some, also lose some very hairy ones …..

As the eternal bargain hunter-outer, over the years I’ve bagged myself some fabulous sales buys.  Top favourites are my Whistles leather midi skirt and randomly a woolly H&M jumper that I brought for a fiver last year.  This year’s top buy has definitely been an Ilse Jacobsen leather mini skirt that I picked up for £35, originally £130.  Great quality, with a waist that actually fits and is comfortable plus the fact that it has pockets.

However with all the success, inevitably comes failures.  Things that you’re so overwhelmed with what an amazing saving you’re getting that you forget to stop and maybe ask yourself why no-one else has brought it.  I bring you the M&S Autograph maxi cardigan that was originally £99 but eventually went down to £19.99.  I’d even been eying in up before the sale, but didn’t even contemplate at £99.  I’ve had such good wear out of my Gap grey oversized cardigan that I thought what could possibly go wrong with a beige version?  What could go wrong is that I’m literally leaving a trail of beige fluff everywhere I go, and that really isn’t particularly pleasant.  I’m like a giant sizing moulting sheep – wearing anything black with it is out as  they turn into something that looks like I’ve been in a blizzard.  The car seats are so covered in fluff that I’m almost considering hoovering it out and that really does emphasis the problem with the amount of moulting that this cardigan has, as we are not a family of car hoovers.  There is also the hay fever element and I don’t even have hay fever!  I feel sure that walking around in a cloud of fluff can only make the onset of a sneezing fit inevitable.


So here we have it, gorgeous and so useful in many ways – just not a keeper.  Worn with East cream jumper, East skinny jeans and Ilse Jacobsen over the knee boots.  The OTK boots require a blog of their own as I never thought I’d wear a pair due to the lady of the night connotations but the heels on these beauties are so clumpy and comfortable that I can’t imagine any lady of the night would be seen dead in them.

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