Sales, now we’re talking ……

As a general rule Cos is too pricey for me.  I love the loose shaping and layering of many of their clothes although there’s always one too many drop gusset/harem pants styles for my liking, but hey that’s only me.  However I do baulk at paying £70 for a top or over £100 for a pair of trousers.  However the sales in Cos – now they’re a different kettle of fish entirely.

I popped in there at the end of last week after not really showing much interest in their 30% off.  Out of the blue they’ve got 70% sale, plus another 20% deduction.  You bloody WHAT?!!  I was in sale heaven and probably as a result brought a whole load of tat that I’ll never wear!  This dress may be a prime example.  Today I’ve loved wearing it for work, just one of those throw on pieces that make dressing for work so easy.  However when I look at the photo I do question if it’s the most flattering dress I’ve ever worn.  But then again what is essentially a sack like dress is never going to the most becoming of items.


From the front, I agree, pretty boring.  But there is more interest to be had around the back.  Ignoring the comments of it reminding my husband of a strait jacket and the fact that it looks a bit tie-dye in the picture which it’s not, it’s quite refreshing to wear something that isn’t really my bag but is cheap enough to have an experiment with.

Worn here with Gia boots but that’s only really because I was walking to work today.  I think  otherwise I’d had chosen a boot with more of a heel.


Originally the dress was £79 and all the maths involved deducting the various percentages makes my brain ache.  However I think it cost just over 20 quid.  Also brought a black sparkly jumper and a black going out top with a cross over back which I fear I’ll never have the correct underwear for.  My friend suggested wearing it bra-less ……… of how we laughed at that suggestion!!

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