Much belated outfit rundown ……….

It has been a long time coming this outfit rundown, and that’s mainly because half term has intervened and also because I’ve spent the majority of the last week in trackie bums and a hoodie and that’s a look that doesn’t need to be seen anywhere other than between these 4 walls.

I ended up buying a tonne of things in the sales, which although all great bargains, did mean I’ve spent quite a bit of cash recently.  The result being I’m skint.  Everyone is always incredulous how many clothes I’ve got but really for the first time I looked at the contents of my wardrobe and think, ‘yep you may be right, I do have far too many clothes’.  So I’m officially on a non-spending month, maybe more if I get into the swing of it.  The hope is that this gives me a chance to rediscover items that I’ve forgotten about simply because the wardrobe (and various other chest of drawers and cupboards) are so stuffed full that I can’t actually get to them.

img_6494-2Richards Radcliffe leather jacket, MIH jeans, Ilse Jacobsen boots and a print top that I’ve been wearing for the last 10 years but can’t remember where its from

The little guy was 7 during the week and has been obsessing about his potential presents.  Bit of a shame that as after Christmas and the the other two’s birthdays in January we’re a bit all over another batch of presents for kids.  Anyway this was us off out for an Italian meal where the kids could eat their body weight in calamari and pizza and its the type of place where every 2 minutes they put ‘happy birthday’ on the speaker so everyone can sing to the birthday boy and bring over a tiramisu with a candle in!

img_0066M&S coat, Cos glittery top, River Island trousers and C Doux silver shoes

This was me trying to embrace an autumnal colour scheme plus I am a sucker for a midi skirt like this.

img_0063Radcliffe Richards leather jacket, Whistles polo neck, Jigsaw belt, Viyella skirt and LK Bennett boots.  Scarf was pinched from my mum

You can see what good wear I’m getting from the leather jacket, wear it almost constantly and particularly love it with a pair of dungarees or all-in-one.

img_6437M&S dungarees, New Look sweatshirt and Virgin Ash boots

I love the colour of this shirt and I thought I like the ruffles but I actually think that I jumped on the ‘ruffles bandwagon’ too soon and that ruffles aren’t really me.  Also shirt is an absolute bugger to iron.  In fact there’s no point in ironing it as it always looks creased as is clearly demonstrated in the photo.

img_6556Gap cardigan, H&M shirt, MIH jeans, Ilse Jacobsen boots

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